Exotic Animal Clinic

Exotic Animal Clinic 

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Lawton and Stoakes

The Exotic Animal Clinic

is part of the Lawton and Stoakes Veterinary Surgery at

8-12   Fitzilan Avnue, Harold Wood Romford, Essex,   RM3 0QS

01708 384444

We can off the follwoing services

Consultations and Treatment

Husbandry and Dietary advice

Investiagtive Medicine including Endoscopy, Radiography, Ultrasonography, Haematology and Biochemistry (on site) Microscopy

Specialised Anaesthetic equipment including Isoflurane, Servoflurane and Intermittenet Positive Pressure Ventilation

Surgery including Microsurgery (with high powered Operating Microscope) including Radiosurgery, Diode Laser, Shell surgery (including coeliotomy)

Hospitalisation facilities for all exotics including Terrarium, Vivarium and Cages

We cater for all Exotic Pets

All Reptiles including Tortoise, Snakes and Lizards

All Birds including Parrots and Parakeets (Budgerigars, Cocatiels), Falcons, Hawks

All Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

All Rodents including degu, Chinchilla, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters

All Exotic Mammals including Ferrets, Skunks, Hedgehogs (pygmy African and European)

All Marsupials including sugar glidders, Bettong, Wallabies

All Amphibians including axolotols, toads and frogs